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Special:Allmessages[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

Special:Allpages Hello. Could you please update

There are very few articles in this Wikipedia and nobody can find them because of this missing feature. Thanks

למה מחקת את סילביה סיינט[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

זה היה כתוב ביידיש...

מיר דארפן אייער הילף[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

אפשר קענט איר עפעס טון וועגן קליינער קעניגל. ער מעקט אויס אלע רידיירעקטס פון חסידיש צו ייווא. אויזער דעם וואס אסאך מענטשן וועלן זוכען אין חסידיש, זענען דאך אויך דא אסאך בלעטער וואס לינקען שוין צו זיי (למשל אפילו אייער פערזענליכע בלאט). קליינער קעניגל קימערט זיך נישט מיט קיינעם און טוט וואס ער וויל.

א גרויסן דאנק.

de-sysopping[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

Hello Danny, The "sysop" status is not important to me except to translate the interface so as you can think this is not something I am despaired about. I think you can understand how it is difficult to take this "חיים זעליג בערגער" aka "נאום הגבר" when his first action is to leave a note on my talk-page that my Yiddish is as good as his bubbe's Chinese, and next to accuse me of being a banned user.

It also seemed obvious to me from the timing of his edit that he also made the edits to "Human sexuality", and at the same time insists that there is a fundamental difference beyond spelling in his writing and standard, that their dialect is different.

Perhaps the complaint about deleted redirects is valid, but there is multiple issues here as well. Not only is it redirects between orthography, but also we should have extra redirects between proper Unicode and improper Unicode (for example, one character for tsvey vovn or vov-yud instead of two), for both orthographies, all of ways are people might use, and end up with endless work for all people, to create 3 redirects for most pages and one for some, it is clearly unworkable solution. I think the best solution is making it clear on front-page that we use standard orthography, and give links to fonts and typing in it, and "lie down the law" for it so we don't need any redirects.

I am curious to see, you have said several community members are complaining against me. I only see vandalistic user Heym Zelig Berger and other user Gangleri who actually appreciate me, and maybe banned user node_ue. If there is more complaints against me it must be from people who has contributed very little, and I encourage them to come and contribute some pages.

It is not a big deal to me to have all these redirects undeleted, but I want to make clear that I personally will not dedicate any time to creating or fixing redirects for nonstandard spellings and bad Unicode, that responsibility can be yours and anybody else.

Best wishes. der kleyner kenigl

Bad title(s)[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

  1. [[Wikipedia:]]
  • Please contact a developer to clarify how to rename the page(s) and / or if the page(s) should be deleted. Best regards Gangleri | Ti | T 13:45, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)

hu:Szeged[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

India[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

Hi Danny! We need a Yiddish wikipedia content for India. Please could you add a line for India and link it from en:? Thanks, 13:02, 29 מײַ 2005 (UTC)[ענטפֿער]

Plase Recover The Main Page I created[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

The User:Node eu destroyed an hour of work!!! please make it Protected. Thanks Tzvi 22:49, 26 יולי 2005 (UTC)[ענטפֿער]

why have you deleted Yishi Shlisel entry[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

his life and act inspires a lot of theological questions and introspective in Jewish theology on our approach towards sin in contemporary life

please explain why you deem such a controversial issue worth deleting. --יודל 12:42, 22 פֿעברואַר 2006 (UTC)[ענטפֿער]

בחירות לסטאטיסטיקה ליידיש וויקיפידיה[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

please give us your opinion in the public poll what to do re: public statistics בה"געמיינדע" יש עכשיו דיון בנושא אם לעשות סטאטיסטיקה לראות כמה מבקרים יש לוויקיפידיע שלנו, נא ליתן דעה בענין. תודה רבה ושלום לך--יודל 12:48, 23 פֿעברואַר 2006 (UTC)[ענטפֿער]

ביטע העלפן בויען יידישן וויקיפידע מיטן ספארטן א וואוט אין געמיינדע איבער שטעלן א סטאטיסטיק ציילער.--יודל 13:38, 23 פֿעברואַר 2006 (UTC)[ענטפֿער]

Please remove sysop accses from an user at the yiddish encyclopedia[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

I Hope that you can understanding a little bit Yiddish. yi:װיקיפּעדיע:וואלן#פארשפארן באנוצער יודל אויף דריי חדשים

please reconsider this move, as i have done nothing wrong, all these votes are sockpupets and they have proven nothing against me.

be aware that this a perfect scheme of religious censorship[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

This user which i asked to make a bureaucrat, has blocked me out in the midst of edit war with me. i came into yiddish wikipedia, a half year ago, when it was a virtual non existing community, 300 pages, since then i worked it up, it has now almost 3000 pages, and i have never ever used my sysop rights, smartly so, because as we are a religious Hasidic society, which is vehemently opposed to free exchange of information without censure, there are my detractors who would not sit silent in the face of a yiiddsh hasidic free community, so i chose as the founder and main contributor to participate from the back seat, working day and night without my sysop name, not to show too much force, ihavenet used my name sysop name and i dont plan too, but now i cannot fix certain articles because of blocks, please reconsider this move as they have shown no breach of policy and vandalism, i pledge never ever to use my sysop to block out Vandals, since the yiddish comuinity is virtual non existence, and if you look up the history of those votes against me you can easily see that they have no series contribution. the person who has asked you to block me out was blocked before from yiddish wikipedia and from Hebrew wikipedia due to open vadalailsm [1]. so he is a person who has interest ion the demise of wikipedia community, please don't act on his wish because my absence will mean a death knell on Yiddish wikipedia.----יודל 00:35, 29 אקטאבער 2006 (UTC) 00:06, 29 October 2006 (UTC)

his sin: guarding the policies[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

While I can't deny any abuse in his sysop powers it is needed at this point so that the Yiddish wikipedia can continue to grow, this user has - with real good intentions to build up the Yiddish wikipedia almost destroyed it. While calling him a vandal requires proof, and I'm not sure I can prove it, nor do I have the time to do so, calling him a troll is an understatement. In the last 2 months it has been almost impossible to work with him here on the wikipedia, he has constantly attacked people for no good reason other than his nonsense suspicions that everyone is a sockpoppet, when the only one that is known to have had more than one username here is he himself. That - and the fact that he really wants to build up the wikipedia - is reason why a full block on him is not required, however with him not having the sysop powers we will be able to make sure that he is not bothering others from working on the wikipedia. Thank you. --שמאלץ רעדן / בליץבריוו 01:34, 29 אקטאבער 2006 (UTC)

Yes. I have constantly attacked people, and with pride i was the watch dog here, and i am still the only one who cares to watch this Yiddish wikipedia projects, i have translated all the policies from the English wikkipedia for the growth of our community. that whats the at stake here, whenever somebody broke policy, i barked. and not with my sysop name. to not sway too much weight on the the person breaking the rules. that's the only sin i am guilty. now all those users or user are trying to block me out by taking away my sysop powers, which i vah never ever used. please note that they blocked me out as well. in the midst of a edit war with him. he was a Vandal here and a Vandal in the Hebrew wikipedias, we should not trust his request. please reconsider.--יודל 03:25, 29 אקטאבער 2006 (UTC)

why he needs sysop rights[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

For the obvious question: why do i need sysop rights if i don't use it: the answer is very simple, they have blocked me out before, and he locks articles which he is in the midst of an edit war with me about which version is more proper [2]. it is impossible to give sole rights for somebody who has vandelised 2 wikipedia communities, and was declared a vandal by both wikipedias, in our Yiddish project by Tzvi for doing this [3]. and also in the Hebrew wikipedia as vandal [4]. that he should be the only sysop against me we need to protect the openness and balance of democracy of the very young and fragile Yiddish wikipedia project.--יודל 04:00, 29 אקטאבער 2006 (UTC).
The fact that Jiddisch has been locked out from the Hebrew project by no means indicates that he is a vandal and/or troll here on the Yiddish project. As far as the community goes, Jiddisch is wanted here as an administrator and no one here has anything against him but Yidel. Based on Yidels behavior here the last 2 months +, I'm convinced that giving him back the admin rights will be a major obstacle for the growth of the Yiddish project. --שמאלץ רעדן / בליץבריוו 18:16, 29 אקטאבער 2006 (UTC)

why you did it?[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

If you dont understand what we wrote to you in Hebrew, we will write in English, even as you can see I'm very bad in english.

Most of active users in the Yiddish wikipadia went away for one reason: yidel!!!

He attacked already all; again "ALL" Yiddish wikipadia users. And every day he makes here a big slaughter house!!!!

There were votes to black him out, and all active users vote so.

All new users gat attacked from him; since he is here we didn’t received nothing from him, only to drunk the blood of all of us!

Now we ask you with tears in the eyes, pleeeaasss!!! Think about the future of wikipadia, a lot of users went away just because yidel, if you know a little Yiddish you can check it out yourself.

Block him out, and give us the opportunity to build a informative wikkipadia, and not a loathing fighting wikkipadia. Give the sysop rights back to runy, to a man what is thinking about a successful wikkipadia. And block out the guy who is only thinking of carob the wikipadia.

thank you! --◘אלזוז◘ 02:14, 23 נאוועמבער 2006 (UTC)

It is not necessary to answer this above user he has virtually zero contributions [5]. toyiddish wikipedia only hundreds of edit fights whenever i wrote something, and unlimited harassing messages on my talk page and on the the village pump page. and he has written my real name publicly sodont listen to him.--יודל 02:20, 23 נאוועמבער 2006 (UTC)

Yes yes. I know that except of you we don’t have any editors in the wikkipadia, I know that all users are one user… as I know that you think only the success of the wikiipadia…

I edit already a lot of articles in the wikipadia, and since you kill me daily! – I don’t have no opportunity to build the wikkipadia.

And if you will stay here I don’t see how I should still build it, and I will must leave the wikkipadia, as many other users did


--◘אלזוז◘ 02:30, 23 נאוועמבער 2006 (UTC)

some examples of my edis:

  1. פאביע
  2. אדאובי
  3. הילף: מערערע באנוצער נעמען
  4. שמעון וויזענטאל
  5. איבעי
  6. יידישע וויקיפעדיע
  7. הייד פארק
  8. װיקיפּעדיע:באנוצער קעסטלעך
  9. לאכן
  10. קאלט
  11. גט
  12. ווייב
  13. מוסטער:WikipediaTOC
  14. יאהאן גאטענבערג
  15. דרוקעריי
  16. אראמיש
  17. באליידיגונג
  18. ככר העיר
  19. מעלות
  20. שלום בערגער

--◘אלזוז◘ 02:32, 23 נאוועמבער 2006 (UTC)

i do not kill you daily. you do here whatt you did today tothe front page and i fix it.--יודל 02:35, 23 נאוועמבער 2006 (UTC)

We have come to u with great news! Danny[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

This will make your day after a full year of daily fights and struggles we have come to a solution in ordinary democratic fashioned votes[6], albeit temporarily. Our community has voted to rip all hitherto sysops (except rotimliss and yourself who are only active in technical matters) of their power and grant them to 2 outside sysops who understand our problem and are willing to solve it. they have proven already their trust to take this role for a few months until it will stabilize us. Please desysop everybody and make them sysop [7]. thanks--יודל 22:25, 12 פעברואר 2007 (UTC)

congratulations[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

on your promotion to lead the English wiki as a sysop with well over 60 percent support of the community.

i hope the Yiddish community will elect u unanimously, as its all going well [8] until now

מחיל אל חיל!

--Hebrew 01:33, 11 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

איך האב באשאפן דעם בלאט פאר דיר צו monitor שטענדיג, ביטע פרוביר נישט צו בעטן מען זאל דיר שרייבן אין ענגליש און שטרענג דאך יא אן צו ליינען אויף אידיש, ווייל מיר האבן איין באנוצער:רוני וואס טענה'ט אז ער קען נישט קיין ענגליש. װיקיפּעדיע:בקשות פון די סיסאפן תודה.--Hebrew 02:06, 11 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

בקשה אישית ממשתמש רוני לכוף את דעתו על הציבור בלי לדבר על זה בוויקיפעדיע:בית מדרש[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

לא ייתכן שאנשים יטרחו לכתוב ערכים בוויקיפעדיע, ובין רגע הם ישונו על ידי פלמוני. אי לכך נחוץ להכין נוהל מדויק שקובע באיזו דרך לכתוב שם. הצעתי הוא לכתוב על פי ה"כלל יידיש", ה-ייוו"א, אך ללא ניקוד. לא ייתכן שהוויקיפעדיע תונהג רק על ידי פלוני שמעולם לא למד יידיש ואשר מוביל את שמו של הווקיפעדיע ללעג וקלס אצל כל דוברי היידיש.__

__(עבור נא על ערכים אלו שפלוני שינה אתמול:yi:ברוך גאלדשטיין - שים לב על הכינויים. yi:מערץ החלף ל"מארץ". yi:אידישיזם החלף ל-יידישיזם. yi:קאלטור החלף ל"קולטור". yi:שמואל צבי הורוויץ - שחזר לגירסה שלי. yi:עלעפאנט החלף ל-העלפאנד או לעלפאנט. אתמול כתבתי ערך שלם על yi:האנטקייטן (וזה לקח לי חצי שעה) והוא מיד שינה את הכותרת לאנגלית yi:הענדקאפס והתאמץ להכניס תמונה נוספת כדי לעצבן אנשים אחרים, נא לתקן זאת). רוני 13:07, 11 באפריל 2007 (IDT)

כללו של דבר, וויקיפעדיע הוא של כולם, ואפילו מישהו עמל יומיים על שורה אחד, אי אפשר לבקש לחסום את העבודה שאחרים לא ישנו את זה. אם יש לך איזהו דין ודברים לכוף דעתך על אחרים נא מקודם לכתוב על זה בוויקיפעדיע:בית מדרש תודה.

--Hebrew 11:33, 11 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

בקשה לחסום וואנדאל[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

נא לחסום וואנדאל, עיין בדף מיוחד של בקשות למפעילים אודות הענין הזה[9].--Hebrew 11:41, 11 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

system request[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

since we agreed on that nobody uses sysop tools only u, please remove sitenoitce ]http://yi.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%9E%D7%A2%D7%93%D7%99%D7%A2%D7%B0%D7%99%D7%A7%D7%99:Sitenotice[ about passover blessing, it is over now. thanks--Hebrew 13:52, 11 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

Permission to revert 4 articles that were erased by abusive sysop user Schmaltz[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

Since we agreed i don't do nothing against schmaltz and shmalts doesnt do nothing against me, only after trying with you, i would like to notify you that he has broken this agreement once more, please warn him to act civilly. 2 guys have expressed that certain articles should not be erased. and he without talking nothing just went ahead and eraised it anyway despite clear consensus against his action. i would like to voice the opinion of our wiki against him on those 4 people biographies he erased just by saying that they are private, the community respectfully disagrees and believes that they are indeed very public and their life is a matter of notability by all standards for any encyclopedia. I need your honorable opinion on this, if i may go ahead and do the will of the community against his tyranny?. Thanks--יודל 14:27, 13 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

I erased it as any other article that writes about private ppl should be. this user created yesterday articles dealing with over 15 on the staff of Satmar Yeshivah in Queens, NY and as such I erased them all, since none of them could be considered public figures. In my eyes this is no less a problem then publicizing the identity of Yidel, in a non direct way (like not mentioning that it's yidel). The fact that some of them are Mashgichim in a Kashrut orgonization doesn't make them public. --שמאלץ רעדן / בליץבריוו 16:39, 13 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

im sorry שמאלץ :::but all this people is very known in the hasidic comunity as well. --מה נשתנה 16:59, 13 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

No they are not, they are only known to the satmar community.--שמאלץ רעדן / בליץבריוו 17:56, 13 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)
This is just the perfect example of who this shmalts is all about, he declares here that yes they are public for the satmar community. but he goes ahead and erases them anyway. With this he wants to lie to danny that he is not a satmar guy. Please note that he has told me in chat (i still have the record) that he is the son of one of our most active politicians and trouble makers in our society and community. So this is a real political game here to torpedo our project with a lie that he doesnt know those people are public to ensure that their articles are not to open. i am happy that this is all documented here like this danny sees up front the situation of why this shmalts wants yidel out of the project over a year and a half now. he is a deeply corrupted man with a one sided partisan mission to destroy the free flow of information in this encyclopedia all in the name of a wiki! Please take away his ability to abuse those tools of a sysop in the name of God and his truth. Thank You Shmalts for showing us your kushere chazir fislech--יודל 11:23, 15 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)
Ok danny he gave in on his talk page [10] and said that he will not revert my UN-erase and gave me permission to do it. thanks schmaltz--יודל 18:18, 13 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)
Which talk page? I serached his English, Hebrew, Yiddish and Meta talke pages and didn't find that.--שמאלץ רעדן / בליץבריוו 18:39, 13 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

Permission to revert abusive sysops talk page?[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

Shmalts keeps on erasing some warning [http://yi.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%D7%91%

D7%90%D6%B7%D7%A0%D7%99%D7%A6%D7%A2%D7%A8_%D7%A8%D7%A2%D7%93%D7%9F:%D7%A9%D7%9E%D7%90%D7%9C%D7%A5/Archive3&curid=17085&diff=83890&oldid=83843] about the front page current events section apparently he is shy and wants to run from his record perhaps the wording is too sharp, i am wiling for him to change the wording but the essence of the talk must be reverted on his talk page because it shoes allot for the community about his history and world out look what he believe the front page should look for the wikipedia community. thanks for you guidance.--יודל 17:22, 13 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC).

the reason for me ereasing it is twofold. 1. It's a repeat from here. 2. He changed the title to reflectd a very bad image on the news I put, which is just a smearing compaign on his side. There is no reason even if it is a real warning that I shouldn't be able to remove it from my own talk page. In this case where it's just a personal agenda from this user, I see no reason to leave it. BTW, on a side note, he claimed then that the reason for removing the news is because it has nothing to do with yiddish and doens't interest the communtity, I then replied to him, that I don't agree with him, and think he just trying to create an issue out of nothing, but I'll leave it out. He has since published many non yiddish/jewish related sotries including [http://yi.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%D7%9E%D

7%95%D7%A1%D7%98%D7%A2%D7%A8%3A%D7%90%D7%A7%D7%98%D7%95%D7%A2%D7%9C%D7%A2_%D7%92%D7%A2%D7%A9%D7%A2%D7%A0%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%9F&diff=83847&oldid=83746 here] a story about a labonise male dancer, and a story about some country allowing more than one wife.--שמאלץ רעדן / בליץבריוו 18:04, 13 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

As i told u, please change whatever language u find offensive and hurtful, but the essence of the discussion isn't a think u can run from even doe i agree with your point that the warning is framed to make you in a negative way. Please note that every warning in a sense has the goal to corner the receiver of that warning, please prove us wrong with your future actions to change this picture on your work here...--יודל 18:16, 13 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

Permission to revert partisan delete from abusive sysop user Schmaltz[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

I know this sounds really ridicules but unfortunately since u don't comment on your talk page this desperate imbecile thinks u don't watch his deeds.

The case now is really mind boggling how brazen and open this partisan censorship crusade tries to eradicate freedom of information in our wiki.

Here he agrees [11] that the facts in discussion is no question that they are true, and fact, but since only i and he say its true, and even doe nobody is disputing it, it must be deleted in his dark age opinion of telling the reader what he may read and what not, and he goes ahead and deletes it[12] once twice and 15 times already [13].

WOW!!! Is there no shame?!--יודל 16:47, 16 אין אפריל 2007 (UTC)

Unfurtunately this fact has no source and is therefore OR, and based on WP:OR and WP:V could and should be deleted. I know lots of facts about this story, and have the documentation to support (Court papaers, Minutes, etc.) However being that here is an encylopedia and not a blog, such can only be written with the guidleins that have been esteblished under WP:OR and WP:V. And as such I removed it from that page. Keep in mind that from a political POV I would love to keep that in. HOwever, I don't think that WP should be the place to publicize it, when no ohter place that can be used for WP:V has ever written about it. BTW, this is negative private info.--שמאלץ רעדן / בליץבריוו 04:01, 17 אפריל 2007 (UTC)

evidently his rubbish of wp and other initials shoes that he is a perfect abuser throwing some much empty meaning initials just to show smoke that he talks about some rules he doesnt bother to explain. But let me just say to his statement that tis is a private matter that he is lying out of his teeth. this was exposed in newspapers and was a major discussed issue in the haraidy world since it was done by its biggest rabbi. he is unbelievable.

Bottom line what he tries to put up on your smoke screen to blur your vision can be explained in your English terminology like this: Bil Clinton is public, he had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, Monica is private. everybody agrees on the facts how it happened and what happened. comes along Dick Morris a paid political consultant, writes a few hundredth articles to gain sysop tools. And deletes the Bil Clinton article from any mention of the Monica Lewinsky scandal since Monica is private, on those Shmaltsy arguments.

Danny if you don't recommend to take away Dick Morris tools i doubt your love to the English wiki. only if you really read all this saga in detail which i pray please do only for the entertainment value of this abuser--יודל 05:11, 17 אפריל 2007 (UTC)

Yidel please bring a link to a single newspaper article so that these facts comply with WP:V and it will stay there. Until then its gone.--שמאלץ רעדן / בליץבריוו 13:04, 17 אפריל 2007 (UTC)
if u agree that every word is truth don't dear to erase it--סטיוו ווינדער 13:10, 17 אפריל 2007 (UTC)

Is that instead of a link, or a link is going to follow?--שמאלץ רעדן / בליץבריוו 13:42, 17 אפריל 2007 (UTC)

It's the bad policies, and the ugly HASIDIC POLITICS ![רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

There's no question, that al long YIDDISH POLITICS we allowed in Yiddish Wikipedia, there will be VOTES every other day. Remember, some Sysops use over 100 nic names to write and rewrite. Only a firm rule and order to outlaw all HASIDIC GOSSIP, all smearing against living religious Rabbi's, will get this place in shape. --אלץ-ווייסער 15:26, 26 אין אַפריל 2007 (UTC)

no way hozai!!! even if u have a million users against one, you will not make religious censorship here, it is against the whole wiki-media foundation concept.--פשטידא 15:29, 26 אין אַפריל 2007 (UTC)
Its not about censorship! it's defamation. it's hate. This is the only way, Yiddish Wikipedia can be normal, Remove all 1) bias, 2) hate, from all articles of living persons!
everybody agrees on this point

Please block sockpupets[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

They have seen the Yiddish warning not to be a sock puppet and they voted twice disregarding the rule of justice and trying to make us in a jungle [14], please block them out thanksin all the wikis this is a think that gets u blocked, especially when there is a warning that if u do it u will get blocked, so i believe they have willingly and knowingly gone into this with the purpose to get blocked. we must show that the yi:wiki is just like any other wiki.--זלמן לייב 10:35, 6 מיי 2007 (UTC)

To do list[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

Please see this page for a mini to do list for the admins. Thank you --שמאלץ רעדן / בליץבריוו 10:54, 6 מיי 2007 (UTC)

Sysop Flag[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

Hello per reuqest at meta i have removed your sysop flag here.--Mardetanha 03:02, 15 מערץ 2009 (UTC)[ענטפֿער]

מען גייט ענדערן דעם נאמען פון אייער קאנטע[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

08:45, 20 מערץ 2015 (UTC)

חשבון לאחר שינוי שם[רעדאַקטירן קוואַלטעקסט]

13:01, 19 אַפריל 2015 (UTC)